Package name (ROS package)

This template must be used to write a page detailing a ROS package either taken from external source, or developed internally. The following details what is wanted for the different sections.

Before any section, you should describe what version you're referring to in this page, if applicable.

You can make here a global description of the package, what it does, how it works, etc. If you're referring to specific algorithms or theories, and need to describe them in details, please add an internal link to another page where you describe it or an external link to a webpage doing so. Try to keep this section simple.

You can detail here what are the requirements of this package (e.g. ROS version, other dependencies, programming language, etc.).

Please describe here how to install the package, if it is any different from the standard way to install ROS packages. Or if other steps are needed (compilation of dependencies or non-ROS packages, configurations, etc.). Please also include a quick test part where you detail how to quickly test the package is working properly.

Subscribed topics

List the subscribed topics and their types.

Published topics

List the published topics and their types.

If you have used this package in a specific way, please detail it here. If you have used it inside a project, please make a specific page for it following the template template-project, and link or integrate it here.

List all sorts of bugs (with their fixes if known) you have encountered, and the tips or hacks you may have used.

Please put here external documentation, sources or else. If this is an external ROS package, add a link to the official wiki page on the ROS website.

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