Kinect and other rgbd-cameras

All the rgb-d cameras we have in the lab

Libraries to use the kinect :

There is a current installation of Kinect for Windows SDK on the computer DELL.


  • Librairie Python pyfreenect2 pour utiliser les données libfreenect2 en python :
  • Librairie Python PyKinect pour utiliser les données Skeleton issues de la Kinect :
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  • Albrektsen, S. M. (2011) Using the Kinect Sensor for Social Robotics. NTNU – Trondheim. Thesis

Install on Linux

These instructions have not been successfully tested yet

  • Joints

  • Joint hierarchy

  • Hierarchical bone orientation: The orientation information is provided in form of quaternions and rotation matrices for use in different animation scenarios.

Bone rotation is stored in a bone’s child joint. For example, the rotation of the left hip bone is stored in the Hip Left joint. In the hierarchical definition, the rotation of the Hip Center joint provides the absolute orientation of the player in camera space coordinates. This assumes that the player object space has the origin at the Hip Center joint, the y-axis is upright, the x-axis is to the left, and the z-axis faces the camera.

  • Reference to skeletal tracking and joint orientation:

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