Openni_Tracker (ROS package)

This package allow the detection of people.

The last version available is for the Hydro distro, but it is working on the Indigo distro.

Get the position of person and display it on a point cloud

You need to have openni_launch package installed

Open a terminal :

rosrun openni_tracker openni_tracker

Then you must do the Psi Pose before the terminal displays messages showing that it is tracking a person.

To visualise, in another terminal :

rosrun rviz rviz 

then follow the process explain here

Click to display ⇲

Click to hide ⇱

In details, in Rviz, change Global Options > Fixed Frame to openni_depth_frame.

“Add” the visualization (bottom left) PointCloud2.

Input in field PointCloud2 >Topic the value /openni/depth_registered/points.

“Add” the visualization (bottom left) TF.

Stand in front of the Microsoft Kinect and make the “Psi Pose”. Axes should appear on all your joints. You might need to zoom or unzoom

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