DYNAMIXEL is a line-up high performance networked actuators for robots developed by ROBOTIS.

In order to use dynamixel actuators, you need to install the dynamixel SDK

You can follow these instructions to install the dynamixel library

  1. Extract the file somwhere
  2. Open a terminal go to the src folder of the extracted file and enter the command “make”
  3. Copy the […]/include/dynamixel.h file to /usr/include (sudo)
  4. Copy the […]/include/lib/libdxl.a file to /usr/lib (sudo)
  5. Add the line #include “dynamixel.h” at the beginning of your code
  6. For CodeBlock, right click on the project in the project tree, build option→linker settings→ select the library libdxl.a.
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