Kinect_aux_robotic_arm (ROS package)

This package is the modified version of the kinect_aux package . It is used to modify the angle of the kinect (between -50° and 0° in absolute angle thanks to the accelerometer in the kinect).

This package was developed for the Indigo distro and is using the catkin package type and works with the model 1414 of the kinect but not with the model 1473.

To install it, you just have to download the following archives and extract it in …/catkin_ws/src, then open a console, go to catkin_ws and enter the command



Enter this command in order to have the kinect parallel from the ground.

rostopic pub -1 /tilt_angle std_msgs/Float64 -- 0

Subscribed Topics

/tilt_angle (std_msgs/Float64)

set the tilt angle, must be within [-50:0] degrees

/led_option (std_msgs/UInt16)

set the LED option, must be within [0:7]

Published Topics

/imu (sensor_msgs/Imu)

accelerometer data, you might want to change the topic to something like “imu_kinect” to not conflict with the main imu.

/cur_tilt_angle (std_msgs/Float64)

current tilt angle

/cur_tilt_status (std_msgs/UInt8)

current tilt status

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