Project name

This template can be used to describe any project, student project or team project. It is used to make a report on those projects. The following describes what is asked of every section of a project description page.

Before any section, please state all the participants in the project, their roles (e.g. student, member, superviser, contracter, etc.). Give the dates of start and finish, along with the framework of the project (e.g. student S2, S4 or S5, internship, etc.).

Here explain the goal of the project, what came before, what shall come after. Explain the project interest, along with its constraints.

You can develop here the work you have done for the project, the methods you used, the tests you made. If you ended up developing a library, package or API, please create an other page for detailing it using the template template-software, and add the link to it here. Don't hesitate to link or even integrate whole section of any other page of this wiki you used or that are related. See the best practices page if you have any difficulty doing so.

Please reserve any plot, result figure, or result table, you may have obtained for this section. This enables to visualize what you achieved at then end of this project.

All the research papers and websites (tutorials and courses and other related projects and codes)

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