Poppy-Kine : S4 project 2016-2017

This project is organised under the “Projet d'ingénieur” of IMT ATLANTIQUE for the scholar year 2016-2017. Poppy (see Poppy project) is a humanoid robot, that can serve as coach for patients doing physical recovery therapies. This project has two main objectives, focused on improving Poppy’s communication and energetic independence. The improvement in communication is to be made with a LED system that allows Poppy to show to the patients the body parts where they must improve performing the exercises. The detection of poorly made movements is made with a specialized software and a Kinect camera, utility that does not make part of this project. The energetic independence part looks forward to make Poppy independent from its need of electrical outlets, objective that will be approached by installing LiPo batteries into Poppy’s leg.

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