Action generation and evaluation system based on deep learning networks

stage de Jinglei Shi 2016-2017 Popppy writes digits database of Poppy controllers test on Alain Droniou, Olivier Sigaud's deep learning model : Alain Droniou, Serena Ivaldi, and Olivier Sigaud. Learning a re- pertoire of actions with deep neural networks. In Development and Learning and Epigenetic Robotics (ICDL-Epirob), 2014 Joint IEEE International Conferences on, pages 229–234. IEEE, 2014.

Backup de la base de données et du code dans backup1:stage_poppy_digits_JingleiShi.

il y a trois sous-dossiers: codes: tous les codes qu'on utilise data: data base test: les résultats de chaque lancement

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