Product name

Please use this template for describing every product you may have used for projects or developments (robot, chip, board, sensor, etc.). Following describes what is needed in such a page.

Before any section, indicate here who is responsible for said material. Who should be asked for before using it.

Quick overview of the material, what is is and how it is used.

Detail here any specific requirements for using said material. For example: specific software chain, operating system, network protocol, power supply, etc.

You can here give a more detailed description of the product. Include pictures and figures to explain what it looks like, how it works, etc.

Detail here the configuration process, the different options, and how to set it up (first time or afterwards).

Explain here (with visual aide if possible) how to use the product, how to interface it with other material, how to plug it. It is also recommended to add a method (of a few methods even) to test the working of the product, like demos or a specific process. If you think a more complete tutorial is needed, please create another page for it, and link it here.

Detail here how you use the product, for what project, what application, etc. If possible, add internal links to the project description page (or integrate them as shown in the best practice page).

Add here any external resources needed (documentation, etc.).

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