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Poppy GRR Keraal

Poppy GRR Keraal is an application created by Damien Deguyenne from Génération Robots. It allows to record movements with Poppy, to combine them and to replay them.

The application can be found here: Documentation on how to install the application is available in english poppygrr-applicationinstallation_en.pdf and french poppygrrkeraal-installationdelapplication.pdf.

Documentation on how to use the application is available in english poppygrr-fonctionnementdelapplication_en.pdf and french poppygrr-fonctionnementdelapplication.pdf.

The application works only with the new version of the Poppy robot which has a Rasberry Pi 3 instead of an odroid xu 4. As the ethernet port is not available, the connexion to the Rasberry Pi is done using Wifi.

The robot and the computer where the web server is running need to be in the same wifi network. If your wifi network is not known by the robot, you need to plug a keyboard to the Rasberry Pi and use the touchscreen to configure the new wifi connexion. Once the computer and the robot are in the same network, you can log to the robot using ssh: poppy@poppy.local (mdp: poppy). Note that if you want to manage the wifi networks configurations of the robot in ssh, you need to modify the file: /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf.

In short:

* start wamp and check the light is green (the server is on) * open a browser and go to page localhost/poppyApp/poppygrr.php * start up the robot's raspberry pi and the motors. Wait until poppy finds its motors and says “je suis pret. En fait, mon nom est Poppy” * in the browser, input in the field “Poppy” : poppy.local

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