Jaguar V4 CMS model environment

This wiki page presents a ROS package of Jaguar v4 CMS model with a home environment.

1. Robot's urdf model with a Kinect.

2. Environment consisting of 2 floors.

3. Topics for interaction with the robot.

4. Keyboard teleopration node.

1. Install ROS Melodic (

2. Install Gazebo from the source code (

 Important note: it is absolutely necessary to change original files in the folder "plugins" by modified ones from /tracked_robot_environment/plugins/gazebo_plugins. 

3. Install Gazebo ROS packages from source (

4. Install pynput (

5. Copy the package tracked_robot_environment to catkin_ws/src

6. Compile the flipper control plugin:

  roscd tracked_robot_environment/plugins/flipper_control && mkdir build && cd build && cmake ../ && make

7. The path to the .so file has to be replaced by the new one obtained in the previous step in the line < plugin name=“jaguar_plugin” filename= > of /tracked_robot_environment/urdf/model.urdf

1. To launch the environment < roslaunch tracked_robot_environment tracked_robot.launch >. 2. To launch teleop node < rosrun tracked_robot_environment > or < roscd tracked_robot_environment/scripts && python >.

 Use arrows to move and rotate the robot.
 Use A-Q/Z-S keys to control front/rear flippers.

1. Control is performed by /cmd_vel (velocity) and /cmd_flipper (flippers) topics which use the TwistStamped message.

 a. The robot's base velocity is controlled in the conventional way by twist.linear.x and twist.angular.z 
 b. Left and right front flippers are correspondingly controlled by twist.linear.x and twist.linear.y 
 c. Left and right rear flippers are correspondingly controlled by twist.angular.x and twist.angular.y 

2. IMU data can be found in the /imu topic. 3. The exact robot's position is provided in the /odom topic. 4. Raw RGB and depth images can be found in /camera/depth/image_raw and /camera/rgb/image_raw topics.

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