Jaguar V4 with Manipulator Arm

Jaguar V4 Mobile Robotic Platform with manipulator arm is designed for indoor and outdoor applications requiring robust maneuverability, terrain maneuverability and object manipulation. It comes with four articulated arms and the integrated rugged 3+1DOF robotic manipulator (Jaguar Arm).

Ubuntu 16.04 (Ubuntu 18/20.04 may pose problems with connection to the robot)

ROS Kinetic

Packages: drrobot_5dofmanipulator_ctrl, drrobot_jaguar_v6 (

The robot integrates outdoor GPS and 9 DOF IMU (Gyro/Accelerometer/ Compass) for autonomous navigation. Jaguar V4 platform is rugged, light weight (< 30Kg), compact, weather and water resistant. It is designed for extreme terrains and capable of stair or vertical climbing up to 300mm with ease. The 4 articulated arms could convert the robot into various optimal navigation configurations to overcome different terrain challenges. The integrated high resolution video/audio and optional laser scanner provide remote operator detail information of the surrounding. Besides the ready to use control and navigation software, a full development kit including SDK, data protocol and sample codes, is also available.

The robotic arm is light on weight, low on power consumption and compact on size. It has 3 DOF + 1 DOF gripper, with maximum reach of over 707mm (28 in), max payload capacity of 4Kg at max reach, while weights under 10Kg. Wrist mounted color video camera provides high resolution (720 x 480) close-up view. Jaguar Arm is ideal for object inspection and handling. It could also work as an articulated sensor platform. Integrated software features independent joint space control as well as gripper Cartesian space control. While it only has 3 rotation joints (excluding gripper), when working together with the Jaguar mobile robot, Jaguar Arm could achieve full 6DOF, and reach virtually any position and at any orientation within its allowed working space.

Turn the main switch to “ON” position.

Press and hold the start button for about 1 second, then release.

To power off the robot, turn the main switch to “OFF” position, the system will shut down.

After turn on the robot, please make sure your PC could find the WiFi network with SSID “DriJaguar”, and connect with this network with key “drrobotdrrobot”.

After successful connection, please fix your PC IP address as “” at this wireless interface.

Launch roscore.

Launch base control node: rosrun drrobot_jaguar_v6_node drrobot_jaguar_v6_node

Launch arm control node: rosrun drrobot_5dofmanipulator_ctrl drrobot_5dofmanipulator_ctrl_node

PS Recharge the robot after every drawn-out usage.

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