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Robotic_arm_controler (ROS package)

This package do the link between robotic_arm package, the objects_detection package and the user. It also possesses a launch file that launch all these packages.

This package was developed for the Indigo distro and is using the catkin package type.

To install it, you just have to download the following archives and extract it in …/catkin_ws/src, then open a console, go to catkin_ws and enter the command



You will also need to install the others packages in order to use all the features.

rostopic pub -1 /arm_controler/new_coordinates geometry_msgs/Pose "{position:[10, 10, 10], orientation:[0, 0, 0, 0]}"

Subscribed topics

/object_detection/red_objects_position (geometry_msgs/PoseArray)

This topic will send the position of the object detected (currently only the red object are detected and only the first object is used by robotic_arm_controler).

/arm_controler/new_coordinates (geometry_msgs/Pose)

This topic is used to send the position where the object must be move.

Published topics

/arm_controler/arm_command (geometry_msgs::PoseArray)

This is the result of the other two topics, it is the command for the robtic_arm package

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