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 ====== Robotic_arm_controler (ROS package) ====== ====== Robotic_arm_controler (ROS package) ======
-{{tag> ROS ros_package}}+{{tag> ROS ros_package ​software}}
 =====Overview===== =====Overview=====
-This package do the link between [[robotic_arm package ​]], the [[objects_detection package]]+This package do the link between [[robocup:​robotic_arm_package]], the [[robocup:​objects_detection_package]] and the user. It also possesses a launch file that launch all these packages.  
 +When this package receive a target position (/​arm_controler/​new_coordinates),​ it will move the object on the last position known to the new position 
 =====Installation===== =====Installation=====
 +This package was developed for the Indigo distro and is using the catkin package type.
 +To install it, you just have to download the following archives and extract it in .../​catkin_ws/​src,​ then open a console, go to catkin_ws and enter the command ​
 + catkin_make
 {{:​robotique_arm_control.tar.gz|}} {{:​robotique_arm_control.tar.gz|}}
 +You will also need to install the others packages in order to use all the features.
 =====Quick tests===== =====Quick tests=====
- rostopic pub -1 /​arm_controler/​new_coordinates geometry_msgs/​Pose "​{position:​[101010], orientation:​[0,​ 0, 0, 0]}"+ 
 +Open a console and enter the command : 
 + rosrun robotique_arm_controler robotique_arm_controler 
 +If you have installed all package of the robotic arm and the oject detection, you can instead enter this command 
 + roslaunch robotique_arm_controler robotic_arm.launch 
 +In both case, you will need to enter this command in another console in order to send the command to the arm : 
 + rostopic pub -1 /​arm_controler/​new_coordinates geometry_msgs/​Pose "​{position:​[XYZ], orientation:​[0,​ 0, 0, 0]}" 
 =====API===== =====API=====
 +====Subscribed topics====
 +/​object_detection/​red_objects_position (geometry_msgs/​PoseArray)
 +This topic will send the position of the object detected (currently only the red object are detected and only the first object is used by robotic_arm_controler).
 +/​arm_controler/​new_coordinates (geometry_msgs/​Pose)
 +This topic is used to send the position where the object must be move.
 +====Published topics====
 +/​arm_controler/​arm_command (geometry_msgs::​PoseArray)
 +This is the result of the other two topics, it is the command for the [[robocup:​robotic_arm_package]],​ giving the position of the object and then the target position
 =====Bug reports and feature requests===== =====Bug reports and feature requests=====
   * There is an English error in the name   * There is an English error in the name
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