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-====== Robotic_arm_controler (ROS package) ====== 
-{{tag> ROS ros_package}} 
-This package do the link between [[robotic_arm package ]], the [[objects_detection package]] and the user. It also possesses a launch file that launch all these packages. 
-This package was developed for the Indigo distro and is using the catkin package type. 
-To install it, you just have to download the following archives and extract it in .../​catkin_ws/​src,​ then open a console, go to catkin_ws and enter the command ​ 
- catkin_make 
-You will also need to install the others packages in order to use all the features. 
-=====Quick tests===== 
- rostopic pub -1 /​arm_controler/​new_coordinates geometry_msgs/​Pose "​{position:​[10,​ 10, 10], orientation:​[0,​ 0, 0, 0]}" 
-=====Bug reports and feature requests===== 
-  * There is an English error in the name 
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