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-We use the package ​pcl+We use the **[[Point Cloud Library PCL]][[http://​pointclouds.org/​documentation/​]]** ​ that aims at detecting obstacles (with Kinect).  
 +====== Objectif ====== 
 +We catched the depth data and tranformed to point cloud. Then we filter that object which is higher than the ground. We projected this result to create a 2D image. By using this image, we can send back reference position of an obstacle. 
 +  * You can also take a look to the tutorial:​[[http://​wiki.ros.org/​pcl/​Tutorials]] 
 +Calibration Parameters for the calculation of 3D coordinates from the raw image measurements include:  
 +**The height of Kinect.**  
 +(In addition, we found that y-axis of the point cloud corresponds to the height, means the z-axis for a tf-tranform of Kinect Sensor) 
 +===== package ===== 
 +The package: {{:​pcl_detector.tar.gz|}} 
 +1. Launch Kinect Sensor 
 +  * //roslaunch openni_launch openni.launch//​ 
 +2. Run  
 +  * //rosrun pcl_detector pcl_detector//​ 
 +==== Simulation ==== 
 +You can simulate the result by using rviz: 
 +  * //rosrun rviz rviz// 
 +Choose the output topic "​output"​ in type of "​PointCloud2"​ 
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